Back after a short hiatus. We begin with a moment in our history when Man's biggest expedition to the moon almost got aborted.

June 2021

'The story always comes first. Technology just supports it.'

May 2021

You see - the whole point in this story is when you do not see it!
It's a story that connects all these three. In a meaningful way. A tribute, you could say.
A unique scandal in which nothing was hidden by the company. And still no one saw it coming. Until..
The greatest scientist storyteller of our times
A small tribute to India's less celebrated musical genius
It started with 'May the Fourth Be With You'. Today, a post full of gratitude.

April 2021

Two young copywriters penned down lines that would forever change the way women viewed themselves
I've been thinking a bit on Purpose and Passion. And the difference between the two.
On how her love for data and the ability to show it in action created lasting change

March 2021

On how a popular experiment and a story helped me to show up last week.